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Click the File below to download the tutorial file to Login

FAQ's about Charms:

1. How do I Log in to charms?

The simple way is to click the link above that says "tutorial file to Log in." A non descriptive way to log in is:
    1. Go to and click parent/student login.
    2. School Code:
     3. Password: first letter of your first name + full last name EX: mbimstein

2. Can I update my information?

Yes, we highly encourage parents and students to update their information when needed. Please be proactive in this process because it can cut down on the amount of mistakes for the staff. We use this database for everything.

3. I'm not getting any of the mass emails. How can I get my email on the mass email list?

You can do this by clicking the "Update Info" tab on the student profile homepage. Then click on the "Add New Adult" tab and enter in all the info, including the email address. You can also email Mr. Bimstein at with your email address and he will apply that to your students info.

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